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Attorneys Nation has been a visible commodity on the web for about 7 years under a different website format. It is owned and operated by Bragg Legal Marketing Group in Brunswick, Georgia, who has been catering to the web design and search engine optimization needs of attorneys throughout the United States since 2007. 

To better accommodate our legal marketing services, we decided to change the format of the site into that of a simple but powerful law directory for attorneys to gain exposure on the web for the practice areas that are important to them, along with the cities, counties and states that make up their service area. The difference in Attorneys Nation and that of other law directories and law lists, is simplicity and most of all, the price. Our listing prices are set at an unbelievably low $19.95 per listing area, per year. Most of the other law directories and law lists charge from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $1200 per year for a similar listing.

We desire to build a comprehensive law directory and we fully understand that price and exposure are the key factors in whether a law firm will utilize our services or not. Naturally, attorneys want results from their advertising dollars and we have slashed our pricing to better enable attorneys to easily afford our listing fees, which will allow them to maximize their exposure in Attorneys Nation.

Eric O. Bragg, President

Web exposure is the key to success on the web and the President of Bragg Legal Marketing Group Eric O. Bragg, is an expert in search engine optimization having ranked over 40,000 client pages in the top 10 listings of Google, Bing and Yahoo over the past 7 years through our sister company, Attorneys Design Studio and through Top Ten Marketing, which he co-owned with Mr. Robert Pinchuck, President of the Columbia Law List, from 2003 to 2012.

He will do the same for all of the attorneys and law firms that list with Attorneys Nation. Getting exposure for our clients and Attorneys Nation is not a problem. Our law directory may be new but soon enough, it will establish its place on the web right up there with the big boys who have been dominating the rankings for years. Get Listed. Get Leads. Get Attorneys Nation.


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